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Visiting Scholars Program


The ICIRD Visiting Scholars Program supports a scholar, or a group of scholars, outside an ICIRD participating institution to teach an intensive workshop and to present his/her/their research to students and faculty within the ICIRD network. Workshops take place once annually, over 2-3 days, in one of the four partner institutions. The workshop offers students an opportunity for intensive engagement with distinguished scholars, as well as a forum to meet and collaborate with their counterparts across the ICIRD network. The program hopes to foster a spirited exchange of perspectives among students and scholars, with the aim of providing both with a platform to test and refine emergent ideas and theory.

Visiting scholars will be nominated and hosted by the ICIRD Executive Committee

For more information about this year's Visiting Scholars Workshop scheduled to take place on September 5-6, 2013, please visit the "All Events" page at http://icird.org/icird-scholars-and-activities/events.


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