Upcoming events

Break Out Session (III) - Human Rights Violations and Internal-Conflict in Southeast Asia: Identifying Conflict Prevention Processes and Mechanisms

Michelle D'Cruz (Chair)  James Gomez - Human Rights violations and political conflict in Southeast Asia: The UPR as a prevention mechanism Kenneth Houston - The Proto-Policy Domain as an Early Warning Resourse: Options for QDA in Human Rights Monitoring in SEA Katia Chirizza - Economic Social and Cultural rights and Conflict Robin Ramcharan - Human Rights and Conflict prevention


Break Out Session (III) - Children’s’ Rights

Naparat Kranrattanasuit (Chair)  Louise Suamen - A Study on the Arbitrary Detention of ‘Rescued’ Children in the Philippines Asma Al Amin - The Myth of Child Rights Protection against Forced Marriage in Bangladesh Robinson Mariyasoosai and Akari Myo - Rights to access basic education for school-age children and basic health care for the ethnic minority communities in Central Myanmar's Difficult Rural Areas under reality contexts


Break Out Session (III) - Participation and Citizenship

Thepparat Phimolsathien (Chair)  Wanida Phromlah - Information-based approach to ensure environmental justice for the implementation of environmental impact assessment system in Thailand  Khooboon Charumanee - Women participation: the APEC’s Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy Thepparat Phimolsathien - Involvement of people in each age range in the management of intellectual property


Break Out Session (III) - Student Panel (SP) I (Culture, Economy and Community)

Yanuar Sumarlan (Chair)  Zaw Ban - An Agricultural Business Model for Social Development – A case study of “Inca Inchi” (mountain peanut) Business Management in Myanmar Mahmud Mohammed - Multiculturalism in Eritrea: Mother-Tongue Education among the Saho Ethnic Group Lisa Vance - The Native English Speaker: A Glimpse into English Language Volunteer Tourism


Break Out Session (III) - Student Panel (SP) II- Development

Naruemon Thabchumpon (Chair)  Leonardo Alfonsius Paulus Lalenoh - Equality of Health Care Provision in Rural and Urban Indonesia Polwish Subsrisunjai - The geography of unban informality: How has slum engaged in the city? A Case Study of a Slum behind Wat Chong Lom in Rama 3, Bangkok Jennifer Kay Moberg - Treading Water: Surviving Life in Limbo Kaewalee Srihamongkon - Participation is a way out of the conflict: Case study of the Special Economic Zone Project site, Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai



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