Upcoming events

Break Out Session (I) - Democracy I

Bencharat Sae Chua (Chair) Martin Lassak - Revolt of the old: Thailand’s generation gap in political activism Tangguh Chairil - Paradoxes of Democracy and Human Rights in Counter-Terrorism: The Case of Indonesia Deboleena Sengupta - Unloading Citizenship from the Territorial: A study of the abandoned lives in the India-Bangladesh enclaves Tiewtiwa - The Rise of Global Civil Society and Internet-based Mobilisations in Democratisation in Southeast Asia


Break Out Session (I) - Populism, Typologies, Paradoxes and Response

Jittipat Poonkham (Chair) Aries Arugay - When populists perform: the case of the Philippines under Duterte Janjira Sombatpoonsiri - Rethinking nonviolent resistance in the face of right-wing populism Chaowarit Chaowsangrat - The misinterpretation of populism in Thailand: Lessons learnt from Latin America


Break Out Session (I) - Human Security (I)

Siya Uthai (Chair) Manish Sharma - Gandhi, Human Security and Challenges of the 21st Century Chyatat Supachalasai - The Internet Politics and the Remembering of Human Insecurity: Trauma, Time, and Space Tossapon Tassanakunlapan - Human Security in Digital Age: Has the International Community ready to protect Global Netizen from Mass Electronic Surveillance


Break Out Session (I) - Gender, Activism and Security (I)

Chairs: Chulanee Tantikulananta and Naparat Kranrattanasuit Zon Phyu Linn - Microcredit and Women Empowerment in Dry Zone area, Myanmar Leo Bernardo E. Villar - Transgender Migration Networks: The Path to a Better Life Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel - Critical Role of the Working Group to Amend the Criminal Code of Mongolia in Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Vasapa Wanichwethin - Agent for Change & Peace: Progress and Challenge of CSOs Working toward Peace Advocacy in Southern Thailand


Break Out Session (II) - Conflict Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, Peace Process (I)

Chairs: Zakee Pitakumpol and Pinitbhand Paribatra  Ayesha Ray - To Negotiate or Fight: The Indian State’s Mixed Record in Resolving Internal Conflicts Marie Krizel Lopez and Chiara Luzzani - Paradoxes of Myanmar Peace Process Felix Tan Thiam Kim - Imagined Communities” Re-visited: Contextualising and Challenging Myanmar’s ethnic history, trajectories and religious marginality


Break Out Session (III) - Migration (I)

Sriprapha Petcharamesree (Chair) Tanachot Assawarotjanamitre - The Thai Informal Worker Movement under the Military Government Methawadee Behnjharachajarunandha - The Evolution Refugee Policy: in case of Thailand Fatma Swaleh Issa - Grass-Roots Microfinance Alternatives By African Urban Refugees In Bangkok


Break Out Session (III) - Migration (II)

Pinitbhand Paribatra (Chair) George Mburu Kiarie - Migration and Culture: a Case Study of Somali Asylum-seekers in Bangkok Area  Margaret Mbeyu Nguma - The challenges and livelihood strategies of Pakistan urban women refugees in Bangkok



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