Panel (CODE: 23): P2P Foundation "Wealth of the Commons"

When: 23 August 2013 | 13:20 - 15:20

Where: Mahitaladhibet Building (Room 412), Chulalongkorn University

Ethical Economy: will capitalism evolve or will we evolve beyond it?

A number of new development point at a radically different future for the world economy. Peer to peer production, commons based economic systems, ethical economy, participatory economies, new localisms all indicate an ongoing shift in the root logic of the global economy.  Ho can we understand this shift within the history of capitalism? Are these developments that point beyond the capitalist mode of production- have the time of the final 'negation of the negation' come? Or will capitalism evolve, incorporating these contraditions into a different format, based ona different hegemonic logic and with different contradiction (just as it has done any times in the past). In that case what is the relation between the common and capitalist accumulation in an evolved capitalist economy? Or will it all simply collapse into barbarianism? In this panel two economic theorists: Michel Bauwens of the Peer to peer foundation and sociologist, Adam Arvidsson, author of The Ethical Economy: Rebuilding Value after the Crisis (New York; Columbia University Press, 2013) discuss with two practitioners and social entrepreneurs, in order to formulate the high-theoretical vision of where we are and where we might be going.

Full Paper is available on: <https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s46fgn93o6dyc2/d5g6RR9FGB>


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