Keynote Speech II: "The Mekong River, Neoliberalism, the Commons and People"

When: 23 August 2013 | 08:45 - 09:55

Where: Chumpot-Pantip Room, Chulalongkorn University

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Yos Santasombat (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Prof. Dr. Santasombat wrote a book titled "The River of Life: Changing Ecosystems of the Mekong Region" Chiang Mai: Silkworm Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-616-90053-2-2. 224 + xiii pp. Info about his book: <http://www.mekongpress.com/catalog/detail.php?isbn=9786169005322>

Chair: Dr. Rosalia Sciortino (Director, Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Singapore) 

Discussant: Congressman Walden Bello (Member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines) and Prof. Dr. Philip Hirsch (Australian Mekong Resource Center (AMRC), University of Sydney, Australia)

Abstract:  The scope and purpose of this presentation is to raise questions about what is neoliberalism and what are its impact on the Mekong peoples and commons. Definition of neoliberalism as social forces of accumulation by dispossession and redistribution of wealth as well as technology of governing ‘free subjects’ are discussed with examples of the impoverishment of the Mekong peoples at the short end of the neoliberal stick. It concludes by looking at a few ethnographic examples of what people make of their lives and the world as they experience in various ways the massive dislocations of neoliberalism.


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